SIMONE Research Group
Solutions For Simulation And Optimisation In The Gas Industry


Simone Workshops

The purpose is to bring together both the users and developers of SIMONE and to act as a forum for an exchange of experience and general information. Users can present their experience, talk about their expectations, desires, and possible objections or inconveniences. The developers introduce the latest progress and new ideas, and give examples of how using SIMONE can solve some practical control tasks.

The following workshops were held in between congresses:

Time Venue Attendees
11-14 May 2004 Český Krumlov, Czech Republic 103
25-27 September 2000 Wuppertal, Germany 95
4-6 June 1998 Třeboň, Czech Republic 70

Since 2005, the line of SIMONE events continues as congresses; the developers are preparing separate session dedicated to SIMONE software news.