SIMONE Research Group
Solutions For Simulation And Optimisation In The Gas Industry


Awards & Reference Projects

SIMONE in Environment Protection Activities

SIMONE plays a very important role in the environmental project of EU "Activities Implemented Jointly" - it is used with distinct success to minimise the carbon dioxide emission from 133 compressors in Russian company Volgotransgas.

The international Joint Implementation project of Russian company Gazprom and German company Ruhrgas is based on a use of new ways opened up by the SIMONE software. An application of SIMONE optimisation modules on single Russian trunk line (altogether, there are 21 trunk lines in Russia) can depress (depresses) the carbon dioxide pollution by 450 000 tons per year!

With respect to its high ecological importance, the JI project has met with international recognition:

  • It won the 1997/98 Environmental Award of the federation of German Industries (BDI) in the environmental technology transfer category.
  • It was granted the European Better Environment Award 1998, the prize established by the European Commission and the United Nations, in the technology transfer category.

We are proud that SIMONE has achieved such excellent and highly valued results!

The European IT Prize 1997

The European Commission has awarded SIMONE by the European IT Prize. This prestigious prize, which SIMONE Research Group received by the end of 1997, is intended to reward outstanding achievements in converting research and development innovations into marketable products in the field of information technology.

Czech Made 1995

In 1995, the company SIMONE Research Group s.r.o. obtained from the "Czech Republic Syndicate for Quality" the right to use a quality mark Czech Made for its product. The Czech Made label is granted to products of an outstanding quality in virtue of severe and demanding tests.

State Prize 1984

The authors of SIMONE were honoured in 1984 by Czechoslovak State Prize. The prize was awarded to appreciate the theoretical achievements, on which is the product SIMONE based, their high scientific level, and a high potential of their general use.

SIMONE in International Research Activities

Besides the direct industrial use, SIMONE has also been used within the project Economic and Operational Objectives for a Pan European Gas Network Model (Commission of the European Communities, JOUCT920260, CIPDCT925003).